CONgregation: Exodus 2016

CONgregation is the premiere sci-fi, comic book, anime, gaming, and general pop culture convention being brought to you by the crew of the Omaha Sexy Nerd Society. CONgregation will be like a religious experience for nerds, geeks, and pop culture fanatics alike!!


From CONgregation you can expect days filled with fantastic family entertainment! The best panels, the most exciting guests, spectacular high quality cosplay, the funnest video and table-top games, the most eye-popping props and toys, group activities, unique and nerdcentric vendors and artists, talented nerdy performers and musicians, daycare, teen and children’s activities and SO MUCH MORE!

After nightfall, when the young ones head to bed, the Omaha Sexy Nerd Society will offer the best in 18+ nerdy fun!! 18+ panels, speed dating, a dating auction, an all night dance party, mature audience themed movies and games, ROOM PARTIES and so much more!!


This years theme is EXODUS – Epic Journeys In Sci-fi and Fantasy! So expect to see lots themed around epic stories, heroic battles, grand and beautiful landscapes and locales, and monumental victories. Expect to see themed group activities like epic staged battles and stellar flash mobs, panels discussing the most amazing journeys in fandom, amazing decor that will make you feel like you stepped into an epic fantasy pilgrimage or exciting space opera, and many other exciting things to excite your senses!! We also hope to see and highly encourage the adoption of this theme by attendees, special guests, panelists, room party hosts, and cosplayers alike!